teressia, cherry & tara
est. 1-5-2011

lol look im the ghost of 3lostkids 

adios amigos!

its been a long and lovely journey but the 3 lost kids are unfortunately signing off. We have loved working on this blog however we no longer have the enthusiasm to keep it going! we’re very sorry for disappointing anybody and we want to thank every single one of our followers who have helped us become a super amazing blog :) we’re glad to have inspired many other to create their own colour blogs but for us this is the end. 

we apologise for not getting this message out a long 2 or 3 months ago when we had stopped posting but none of us really can even be bothered to log back in.

We are overloaded with questions so its only fair that none of them get responses however you can contact us on any of our own blogs: 

thankyou so much again for all supporting us! 
goodbye cruel world